The 8 simple page Shanghai dragon to solve problems easily



if the search engine spiders see a new URL for the same content (whether the URL is static or dynamic), they’ll see a new page. It is important to standardize these pages. When does the same repeat, use the canonical tag or the 301 redirect is usually the best way. In some cases, such as a search or classification number, the situation will be more complex.

"easy" is not always easy

2 Title


3, by the staggered URL path to the same page caused by

title tag is still a powerful ranking factor, also frequently abused and neglected. Keywords title tag set goals that you want to rank pages need a unique, descriptive, clear and simple. You can

2, search sorts and filters caused by repeated

, the one and only write tag

quick Disclaimer: "easy" for one person or platform, may be on top of another is not simple. The whole point of change (such as title) need to be vigilant, but is usually completely revised or change to a new platform to be simple. A field I won’t mention in this list is to optimize your URLs. Although it is a very effective strategy, I’ve seen a lot of people in Shanghai dragon to make some small changes to the URLs. The whole point of URL change is dangerous and often difficult to do correctly, it’s not worth it to go from "good" to "slightly better". Here I suggest change is usually low risk.

may not duplicate content penalty (with capital P), but let the index page spread will lead to serious results, especially in the post-Panda world. Noble baby in the correct version of a page’s work is not doing well, low weight website can dilute your site index and squeeze out deeper and more important pages (e.g. product page).

1, Canonicalize internal repeat

1 by session, variables and tracking by parameters

here I experienced three kinds of common internal repeat:

if you can’t go to practice, even the best advice is useless. As a programmer for the occupation consultant, I always go to consider any changes I suggested the effect and cost. Don’t get me wrong, despite the pain, some difficult changes must be done. Although there are usually some easy wins will not spend time and thousands of dollars to perform. I will give you 8 ways to solve the problem of Shanghai dragon page.