With Only Two Episodes Left Happy Goes to Uncomfortable Places

first_img Well, that was certainly a scene. I’ll get to it in detail later, but I was pretty sure there was nothing Happy! could do to shock me anymore. It opened with an imagined head wound blood fountain, and from there showed us increasingly creative ways for people to die or get seriously injured. With its penultimate episode airing last night, I was pretty sure I knew what to expect. Then the show does something like… that. And I can no longer guess at what comes next. Everything is on the table now, there’s nowhere this show can’t go. It’s an absolutely terrifying prospect and I wouldn’t have it any other way.At the outset, it really feels like the season is racing toward its conclusion. Happy and Nick are back together, and they’re finally on the same page. Nick has grown to like having Happy around, and even does a decent job of comforting Happy, who’s still traumatized from murdering a kid’s imaginary friend. They escape Blue’s house and Nick steals his car. This is an episode that opens with a shootout, where Nick uses Blue’s wife and kid as hostages so the guards don’t shoot. Then Blue’s wife mentions she’s getting a divorce, and the kid says it’s the best Christmas ever. As Nick and Happy drive away, the kid finds Nick’s detonator and his old car blows up. We don’t know if the kid died or not, but would anyone be all that sad if he did? Kid was a sadistic asshole. My point is that this episode packs all that into its first few minutes, opening with a possible child death, and it doesn’t matter. I almost completely forgot about it because of everything that came next.Medina Senghore (Photo via Syfy)Meredith pulls Nick over, thinking Blue is behind the wheel. They try to catch each other up, but the episode is immediately focused by a call from Amanda. See, Hailey’s mom has been doing some investigating herself. She notices that all the kids who’ve gone missing disappeared from Sunny Shines shows. She asks Sunny to spread awareness that it’s happening, but it turns out Sunny is behind everything. Just like everyone suspected, Sunny Shines is the mastermind behind all of this. He’s even revealed to be the guy in the bug suit Blue was talking to. This revelation makes that bug costume even creepier. Especially when Amanda stumbles into a strange bug orgy where everyone licks a pink sentient… organ, I think? Amanda’s call for help give Nick and Meredith an idea of where to look. They speed off to Sunny’s building, and just in time too. Smoothie has dressed the kidnapped children up like dolls and put them in giant toy boxes.Meredith and Nick arrive at Sunny’s building and Nick immediately knows something’s off. One look at Sunny Shines and Nick knows he’s a pervert. (Happy: “What are you talking about? All I see is a face that says ‘Let’s play!’” Nick: “Exactly.”) Nick sends Happy to scout ahead, while Meredith looks increasingly confused about who her former partner is talking to. It only gets funnier the longer it goes on. Once Happy’s inside looking for Haley, Meredith and Nick start scouting the building. This is where the episode takes a turn for the truly messed up. Meredith is attacked by one of those strange, creepy organic mascot creatures, shoots it, and a weird pink goo spills out. It’s gross, but that’s children’s TV compared to what comes next.Christopher Meloni (Photo via Syfy)You already know this scene is the one everyone involved fretted about the most. No matter how well they pulled it off, and let me just say they pulled it off very well, it was going to piss people off. It wasn’t going to land with everyone, and there were probably a few people who were deeply offended by this scene. But Happy! went for it. Without compromise or apology. And it worked. Smoothie chloroforms Nick, ties him up and laments that regular torture won’t work. Nick’s own disregard for his health and safety means he’s not motivated by normal pain. First Smoothie reveals where he got his name. He undoes his pants and reveals that he has no genitals. He’s completely smooth below the waist. Then he puts on a strap-on dildo and walks behind Nick. Happy, through great effort, leads Amanda to Nick, where she shoots Smoothie, seemingly saving Nick. Then, they realize that the strap-on has snapped off, and Nick whines “get it out of me.”And I laughed. And I felt terrible for laughing. But damn, I have to give it to this show, that was both horrible and freaking hilarious. The comedic timing in the way it was shot, Nick’s pissed off growl, Happy’s expression… it all makes for a show where the main character gets raped and it’s played for laughs, and somehow, even though we know in our heads it shouldn’t be, it’s funny. I’ve always believed that, handled right, anything can be made funny. You just have to make sure the right target is the butt of the joke. Punch up, not down. And most of the time, a typical rape joke doesn’t do that. It’s pure shock value, without regard for who it may hurt, and that’s not OK.That’s what makes this scene so hard to talk about, especially if I describe it to someone who didn’t watch the episode. I’m not even sure why it works as well as it does. Why it succeeds in making us laugh at something we know we shouldn’t be laughing at. Maybe it’s because it happens so quick we barely have any time to react. Maybe it’s because the show in general, and this episode especially, is so over-the-top and bonkers, a scene like this isn’t that much of a step over the line. Either way, they did it. You almost have to respect them for going this far.Photo via SyfyAnd really, what more can you do after that? We get a fun shootout between Meredith, Nick and Blue’s henchmen, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. The final moments of the episode do a fantastic job of getting us hyped for next week’s season finale. After a scary, violent, messed up and undeniably fun episode, Meredith chases down blue. He almost gets away, but thanks to some voodoo from Nonna, his sweater gets caught on some barbed wire and she catches up with him. Meanwhile, Nick finds the truck carrying the kids to the Bug Orgy. The driver has been shot, and the kids are finally safe. Well, most of them. Hailey is gone. It looks like Very Bad Santa is the one who shot the driver and took Hailey for himself.The big showdown is coming, and I can’t wait to see it. Especially after this enjoyable and deeply disturbing episode.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Goats Can Comprehend Human Expressions, Prefer Happy People’Happy Suit’ Could Help Astronauts Beat Space Blues Stay on targetlast_img