Charlie Sheen isnt the only interesting character on Twitter

first_imgYou must be living under a rock if you haven’t seen a clip of news referencing Charlie Sheen and his latest comments or antics. With publicity of Sheen and his very public fight with the makers of Two and a Half Men and CBS at its peek, the actor decided to share his “tiger blood” attitude through social media by landing a new page on Twitter. In record time, the actor had over one million followers of his Twitter profile with his latest count at 2.5 million.Many people have wondered why Sheen has been able to rack up such a record amount of followers in such little time? I submit that the answer is quite simple. People love following, uh, interesting personalities, especially those who produce memorable quotes. That being said, it’s important to note that Sheen isn’t the only “character” out there for your entertainment. Here are some of my personal favorites:Name: Todd BridgesTwitter Page: of Followers: 1,390Bio: Ex-child star who played Gary Coleman’s older brother on the television show Diff’rent Strokes who had legal problems and battled crack cocaine addiction in his 20’s.Favorite Tweet: “Going to best buy won a 125 gift thing going to buy something.” 8:11PM Jan 2ndName: LaToya JacksonTwitter Page: of Followers: 15,789Bio: Exiled member of the Jackson family because they thought SHE was crazy.Favorite Tweet: “Please tune in to Animal Planet tomorrow to watch my reunion with Bubbles the chimp while we raise awareness for” 6:31 PM Jun 21st, 2010Name: Lindsay LohanTwitter Page: of Followers: 1,741,709Bio: Former child star for Disney who did the predictable thing and ran into trouble with drugs and the law as an adult.Favorite Tweet: “Hello Facebook. Yes, this is actually Lindsay. Welcome to my Facebook page!” 6:42 PM Feb 10thName: Gary BuseyTwitter Page: of Followers: 18,797Bio: Actor who has appeared in over 120 films with the most notable one being his role as Buddy Holly in The Buddy Holly Story. Recently, his acting career has been overshadowed by what usually comes out of his mouthFavorite Tweet: “The presence of the dwindel-doorf can turn your emotions into colors not yet seen by you.” 10:20PM Nov. 29th, 2010Name: John CusackTwitter Page: of Followers: 390,701Bio: As self described, “Apocalyptic s**t disturber and elephant trainer”. He is also an actor who has appeared in movies such as 2012 and Hot Tub Time Machine.Favorite Tweet: “i may invoke twiiter rule 7439.8 ” if one fills feed with cap lock lines from one of my old movie he may be blocked without mercy” Feb. 5thName: John CleeseTwitter Page: of Followers: 945,305Bio: Actor, comedian, writer, film producer and former member of the Monty Python’s Flying Circus comedy troupeFavorite Tweet: “In 2011, be extra nice to people who resemble small animals” Dec. 30thName: Dave FoleyTwitter Page: of Followers: 32,748Bio: Comedian, writer, actor and producer best known for his roles on Kids In The Hall and NewsRadio.Favorite Tweet: “I just beat up my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher. Maybe now she’ll think twice before destroying America.” Mar. 4thName: Wil WheatonTwitter Page: of Followers: 1,768,567Bio: Best known for his role as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He gained more recent notoriety by creating what is known as Wheaton’s law for the online gaming world Favorite Tweet: “On my way home from the store, a guy in a Hummer slowed down so I could merge in front of him. Way to mess with my stereotypes, jerk.” Mar. 9thWhat are some of your favorites? Please share below.last_img read more

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