Diablo III Reaper of Souls teaser trailer released

first_imgThere’s only so many times you can journey through the Burning Hells before it gets old, and Blizzard has finally stepped up and offered a continuation of the Diablo III storyline with the new Reaper of Souls expansion.Diablo III caught a lot of flak from hardcore gamers as far back as the initial concept sketches for the game. When the sequel to the infamous dungeon crawler was finally released, that criticism didn’t let up. If anything, it intensified as users discovered the always on Internet requirement of the game.Despite the criticism and the occasional colossal Auction House gaffe, Diablo III continued on to be a popular title that was a lot of fun to play right until you realize that you’ve beaten the game at level 25. While Diablo III is a beautiful, intense ride for fans of the franchise, it was abysmally short. Four friends could complete the storyline in an afternoon, and not be anywhere near the max level for their character. You could play through again at a harder difficulty to continue leveling up, which many people did, but the desire for additional plot and character development is still quite strong.It looks like Blizzard is finally ready to bolt on some additional storyline with the Reaper of Souls expansion, and so far it looks great.This new expansion seems to pick up right where the first game ended, with Diablo sealed in the Soulstone and Tyrael trying to find a way to keep it away from the leftover demons in hell as well as the angels in heaven.The story starts as Tyrael discovers that Diablo’s corruption during his brief time in heaven has taken over Malthael, the fallen Archangel of Wisdom. He has descended upon the the earth as the Angel of Death, complete with a pair of wicked looking scythes and smoke wings. He’s pretty clearly the big bad in the expansion, and since he’s got the Soulstone it’s possible we’ll see Diablo try to make a comeback at some point.As for gameplay differences, Blizzard has announced a new character type, new enemies, and a new level cap. The Crusader looks like a refresh on the Paladin style character, combining melee attacks with divine magic that appears from the video to be more offensively oriented than defensive.Blizzard has no launch date set for this expansion, and the website for Reaper of Souls is mostly blank. It’s likely that Blizzard will use this expansion to encourage people to pick up the console versions of Diablo III, possibly even including the expansion for PS4 and Xbox One users, though that is entirely speculation.Either way, it looks like it will soon be time to reprise your role as the Nephalem and return to your days of jewel crafting and bloodletting.last_img read more

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