Northern Lights could be seen in the Midlands tonight

first_imgThe "most likely area of Aurora extent is to the yellow line," says the SWPC The good news: the Northern Lights could be visible as far south as the Midlands in England on Wednesday night. The bad news: it might be too cloudy to see them.According to NASA’s NOAA Space Weather Prediction Centre (SWPC), a strong geomagnetic storm will push the Aurora Borealis into regions that rarely witness the spectacle tonight and in the early hours of tomorrow morning.The SWPC said there’s a chance the light show could push as far south as the Midlands, though people in Scotland and Northern Ireland are more likely to see the lights display. The “most likely area of Aurora extent is to the yellow line,” says the SWPCCredit:SWPC At least they would if the weather was playing ball: according to the Met Office cloud is likely to prevail over much of Britain tonight, meaning the Northern Lights could be dancing alone behind a curtain.“The beauty of nature and the Northern Lights is it’s difficult to predict,” said Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel, which specialises in Northern Lights tours. “The only sure thing is that tonight is going to give us the best chance so far this season to see the Northern Lights here in the UK. We would recommend finding a spot with clear dark skies away from any light pollution, look north and be patient. It just takes a break in the cloud to see the Aurora, and it’s well worth the adventure.”Figures released by the SWPC show a large spike in the Kp index – the measurement used to measure the strength of solar activity – between 9pm tonight and 3am tomorrow morning, so keep your eyes peeled.last_img read more

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